At Kurnai Legal Practice you meet with experienced criminal lawyers who have expert extensive experience within the Australian Criminal Justice system. We apply our knowledge while defending our clients and utilise our resources to their advantage.

Our legal team is dedicated, compassionate, and ready to help all those who are currently dealing with criminal charges.


If you have been arrested, charged or are under investigation for a criminal offence, it can be difficult to know what to do. The arresting officer may tell you that there is no hope of avoiding a conviction. The criminal charges you face may be so serious that you feel there’s no way to avoid a lengthy term of imprisonment.

It is important to remember that you always have options. With a competent criminal defence lawyer at your side, you can fight your charges.

A Kurnai Legal Practice Lawyer can fully investigate your case in order to determine what can be done to protect your rights. Whether this is your first arrest or you are facing serious charges, we can still work to gather evidence and witness testimony on your behalf and develop a legal strategy that utilizes the legal system in your favor. We are committed to providing the best possible defence to our clients in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

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